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Go beyond your Community – collect data from non-Community members who struggle with commitment.

Step 1

Build your survey.

Step 2

Enable Casual Participants for your latest survey.

Step 3

Customise the messaging (don’t forget to include the prize!).

Step 4

Share the link on your socials, website, newsletters – anywhere you can.

Achieve amazing results, with minimal effort

On average, 30% of Casual Participants convert to fully-fledged Club Members.
  • Collect survey completes in addition to those from your existing Community
  • Increase registrations with minimal effort and at no extra cost
  • Encourage completes outside of your core P1’s
  • Recruit an engaged social audience at a time that is convenient for them
  • Share straight from Airtime Surveys to Facebook
  • Create a sense of urgency and curiosity to encourage registration and participation

One link to rule them all

A simple link that increases both completes and member registration at no cost.

Ultimately, it’s about building your community. Airtime Casuals allows you to reach non-Club Members who have never heard of your club with an easy “no strings attached” option. Alternatively, if they like they can join your club upon completing the survey.

With Airtime Casuals, you have the potential to reach non-Club Members who are reluctant to commit to regular surveys. However, get them at the right moment with the right incentives, and you can make a significant improvement to completion rates.

The results speak for themselves

Growing an Online Community and getting survey completes can be tricky, it might take a bit of trial and error before you figure out what works for your listeners. Luckily, some of our clients have already done the hard work for you. Check out how they’ve used Airtime Casuals to increase completes by up to 10x the average and convert 50% of Casual Participants to full members in one week.

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Launching an Online Community can sometimes take a few surveys before you have enough members to trust the data. However, one of our clients successfully harnessed their social power to grow their Community and saw amazing results overnight when first launching their Community. Check out what you need to do to take your Community to the next level!

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